For just VND 23k!

When you exchange your clothes with someone else`s, all you have to pay is VND 23k. That`s like buying clothes on a SALE with 90% Off! Peek into all the best brands and gorgeous clothes being swapped on SWOP right now.


Wardrobe Full, Yet Nothing To Wear?

Don’t know what to do with clothes that you have “worn everywhere already”, clothes that “do not fit so well anymore”, or clothes that are “no longer in fashion”? Put your unworn clothes to good use. Swap them and fill your wardrobe with clothes that you’ll love to wear.

7 out of 10

Clothes in your wardrobe have not been worn in the last 1 year.

3 out of 10

Clothes in your wardrobe will never even be worn again.

5 years, 3 months

That’s how long unworn clothes take up space in your wardrobe.


The wardrobe-sharing app for women

Share your preloved clothes with others and get unlimited choices of clothes to wear, without having to buy more. So, no more of “I’ve nothing to wear” ever again!

One-month swaps

After 30 days you return the swapped clothes and your clothes come back to you.

Clean as new

Get ready-to-wear swapped clothes, cleaned at a laundry near you, for as little as VND 5k.

At your doorsteps

For just VND 9k, you can get the clothes picked and dropped at your home or office.

Connect over chat

Throughout the swap you can chat with the other user you’re swapping clothes with and discuss any issues. Just be nice.

No one knows its you

You can blur your face in the photos that you upload. And, your name, number or address is not even known to the person you’re swapping clothes with.


Look like someone famous

Mix & match your clothes with clothes from others to create looks inspired by celebrities and curated by stylists.

Confused about what to wear? Not anymore! Whatever be the occasion, our many catalogues have you covered. If you like any look in a catalogue, we will find similar clothes with other users around you. You can then swap with them to get just that look. So go out and turn heads, everyday.


Like - Match - Swap


Welcome to your wardrobe-on-the-web

  • Have countless clothes to choose from;
  • See clothes from all brands, matching your size & taste;
  • Get 10x more clothes from the money you spend on clothes;
  • Save 90% over clothes from anywhere else;
  • Get styled to the latest fashion trends from around the world

Clothes don’t make the woman, but they damn sure make her day. At Swop our mission is “to help every woman be the best version of herself”. There might be some glitches in the beginning, but we thank you for your patience, as we work together to create your own wardrobe-on-the-web.