How it works?



Like someone's clothes? Choose something from your wardrobe to offer in exchange and Propose a Swop. The other user has 1 week to respond else the Swop is Expired.


If that someone likes the clothes you offered in exchange, the Swop is Accepted else it’s Cancelled. So, to get nicer clothes of others, offer nice clothes from your wardrobe too.


If the Swop was Accepted , our shipper would come to your address to Pickup clothes at the time of your choice, within the next 5 days. Please pay the shipper VND20k for pick delivery.

Swopping is the new Shopping

Swop is about clothes that have been loved and worn before but are still good enough to be worn more by someone else. But here we do not rent or sell secondhand clothes. Swop is a wardrobe sharing app, where others can share their clothes with you, so that you can dress up different and look your best everyday.
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